Freegan Month Challenge: Oct-Nov 2017

Hello!  I’m doing a month challenge of consuming only food that is found or given freely, primarily via dumpster diving and I’m re-purposing food and products that I may come across.  It will go from 15 October until 14 November. My goal is to spend as little amount of money as possible and still be sustainable.

I’ve finished the 30 days and you can certainly check out my previous days down below and other subsequent posts in the Blog section.

Source: Freegan Month Challenge – Day 26-30

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Days 26-30


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Freegan Month Challenge – Day 23-25

Hello everyone! Wow, it’s hard to believe that I’ve already reached 5/6 of the challenge already! So far it’s been a pretty great experience, relying almost entirely on reclaimed food that would have otherwise been wasted. If there’s anything that I’ve taken away from this challenge, it’s the knowledge that there is far too much … Continue reading Freegan Month Challenge – Day 23-25

Freegan Month Challenge – Day 20-22

The third week is completed with Day 21. I have only one full week left of the challenge. It’s probably a good thing that it will be coming to a close soon. Living a freegan lifestyle doesn’t necessarily afford the body all of the nutrients that it needs to function. Protein sources are difficult to … Continue reading Freegan Month Challenge – Day 20-22

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